Public Speaking Advice for Introverts

I have a confession to make. I’m an introvert. That’s correct. I create and give presentations for a living and yet I am still in an introvert. My wife and I joke about it all the time. I can do corporate training sessions where I talk non-stop for half days, full days, or even two days yet at my core I’m an introvert. But, it works for me. As long as I have the opportunity to plan out my thoughts and structure my talk, I’m in great shape. I have a clear objective with my training and the sessions always go well.

Now, I’m not as magnetic when out to dinner with strangers or meeting someone for the first time. Those impromptu moments are more of my kryptonite. The end result: if I find myself socializing too much in an unorganized or unplanned fashion, my battery begins to get drained. Crazy, huh?

So, what have I learned from serving on the presentation frontlines as an introvert? Quite a bit. It’s an environment that works for me because I can plan and prepare for it. Therefore, there are a number of competitive advantages that come with giving presentations as an introvert.

Here’s what I have learned:

Speak with Intention
I love the whole idea of public speaking. It energizes me. It empowers me. I love the entire experience, and the process of planning out my thoughts and words carefully and with precision. This is generally a common thread for other introverts so our messages tend to be a bit more clear and coherent. It’s a beautiful thing so you need to own that reality and strength.

Utilize Shock and Awe
People love the unexpected and what better moment to surprise an audience then giving a presentation. Take advantage of the opportunity to be that quiet person and deliver the unexpected by delivering a dynamic speech or presentation. The entire concept of public speaking gives every introvert the chance to amaze and earn comments like “Dang, that was amazing. I never knew you were such a great presenter.”

Use the Power of Observation
You are naturally curious and observant so use that to your advantage. Do the deeper research. Showcase the items people may have overlooked. Find the beauty in the details. Use your observational prowess to continue to woo and wow your audiences.

When you think about presentations, you often think about that magnetic or charismatic extrovert. They do a great job but so do introverts. With a little bit of intention and awareness, the introverted among us can do quite a fantastic job in front of any room. If you want to continue to maximize your strengths as an introvert, then be sure to check out our Presentation Mentor Online Course.

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