audience analysis

The Public Speaking System, Part 6: Perception

White and gold. Blue and black. Yanny. Laurel. Differing perceptions are a fact of life. We filter everything we take...

How Fiction Affects Your Brain

Consider this your permission to get serious about reading fiction. If you are a bookworm like me, you no longer need...

4 Ways to Reduce the Burden on Your Audience

Giving a presentation is hard work. You gather information about the event. You research your topic. You write and re...

A Better Way to Persuade

“A listener is persuaded if he likes what you promise, fears what you threaten, hates what you censure . . . and so o...

Knowing the Needs of Your Audience

It’s presentation day. You’ve spent weeks researching and writing. You’ve logged nearly countless hours revising and ...

Developing Strong Content

A few years ago, my daughter Eleanor decided to participate in our county’s 4-H speech contest. I teach and write abo...

Know Your Audience

This is the story of the time I failed. I had been invited to speak at women’s event. As always, I asked some questio...
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