How to Build a Strong Argument, Part 3: Inductive Reasoning

We are in our last installment of a 3-part series on argumentation. On Monday, we examined Stephan Toulmin’s model of...

How to Build a Strong Argument, Part 2: Deductive Reasoning

If you are wondering how to get your foot in the door with potential clients or build agreement with your audience, d...

How to Build a Strong Argument, Part 1: Toulmin’s Model

This week we’ll look at three ways to construct a strong argument. Keep in mind that argument doesn’t mean a fight. I...

A Better Way to Persuade

“A listener is persuaded if he likes what you promise, fears what you threaten, hates what you censure . . . and so o...

How Parallel Structure Moves Your Audience

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color...

The 4 Persuasive Pitfalls You Need To Avoid

You’ve got a big persuasive pitch coming up, and you are wondering how to get your audience on board. Before you ever...

How to Move Your Audience

Can you think of the last time you were persuaded? As presenters, we need to get curious about what produces change i...
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