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How to Use PowerPoint Effectively, Part 2

There’s a lot of information out there about how to use presentation media but not much information about why. Let’s ...

How to Use PowerPoint Effectively, Part 1

Microsoft PowerPoint. It is the most commonly used presentation media, but very few people are talking about how to u...

Using Story-Based Visuals to Enhance Your Presentations

We live in a world that is both highly narrative and highly visual. Let's learn why and how to show the stories we ar...

Using Audio to Enhance Your Presentations

With the knowledge of how sound is intimately tied to our body, emotions, mind, and behavior, why aren’t more speaker...

3 Things to Avoid When Using Graphics

“Having no slides at all is better than [having] bad slides,” according to author, speaker, and curator of TED, Chris...

The Debate Over Presentation Handouts

Like the Hatfields and the McCoys, many people in the presentation world have been feuding for years. The debate? Wha...

Making Your Presentation a Sensory Experience

I had the opportunity to travel to Israel and Egypt when I was in college. When my group arrived at one of the histor...
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