Presentation Anxiety

The Courageous Act of Public Speaking

Standing up in front of an audience to speak takes heroic courage. Are you ready to be a hero?

Why Your Mindset Matters

Researchers have proven that your mindset has a lot to do with how nervous you are when speaking. In this blogs, you'...

How to Cope with Public Speaking Nerves

We may have varying degrees of nervousness, but nearly all of us feel some kind of nervous energy before we present. ...

Do You Have Communication Anxiety?

Everyone has some level of apprehension when communicating with others. The key is to figure out how much anxiety you...

How To Stop Fidgeting When You Present

I can’t teach with a pen or a dry erase marker in my hand. I know that if I’m holding either of those objects, I’ll b...

Be Better Than Perfect, Be Vulnerable

As I watched the acceptance and concession speeches from across the nation following last night’s elections, I was re...

How To Reframe Your Fear of Public Speaking

Some statistics say approximately 75% of the population suffers from presentation anxiety. Other studies show that nu...

What Science Says About Presentation Anxiety

If you get nervous about public speaking, you’ve probably had people tell you things like: “A little bit of nervousne...

How to Manage Your Fear of Public Speaking

Let’s look at two separate lists, both of which have remained somewhat static for at least the last couple of decades...

Harnessing Presentation Anxiety

Thousands of presentations later and I still get that pit in my stomach every time I step on stage to present. Though...
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