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Lavender and blue shades are elegantly accented by an occasional pop of yellow in this template, which feels like a day at the beach. Each slide is well balanced to accommodate icons, text, and images through imaginative layouts and bold headers. Trim is a conservative template at heart, but it’s anything but same-old.

This template uses Raleway. You can download it here:

Fully editable
100+ icons
Ready-made charts and graphs
50 master slides
Comprehensive How-to guide
Easy to use
Widescreen Size
Powerpoint & Keynote versions


General Design
1. How do I prevent things from becoming skewed?
The go-to solution for keeping your content crisp and clear is to hold down the Shift key when resizing elements.

2. How do I ensure that elements of my presentation are distributed equally and aligned? 
Access the Arrange tools in your toolbar to perfect element alignment and distribution.

Template Instructions
1. How do I place images in the placeholder boxes?
After saving the photo you would like to insert onto your Desktop, click and drag the photo to the photo placeholder box. Although PowerPoint will sometimes auto crop the image to fit the box, you can adjust to your liking by choosing the Crop Image option from the Format tab.

2. I want to insert existing slides. How do I complete this task without causing formatting issues?
The best way to ensure your content will be formatted correctly is to manually copy and paste each individual element into its respective placeholder from one deck to the other. Most importantly, don’t pull over the entire slide!

Customizing Master Slides
1. How do I customize Master Slides?
After opening the .potx file and saving it as a new .pptx file, navigate to the View tab. In the Presentation Views group, click Slide Master. Navigate to the master slide you wish to modify. When you have finished modifying the master slide, right click on the Slide Master thumbnail and select Rename Master Slide and assign an appropriate name. Close out of Slide Master view and create a new slide in your presentation. Navigate to the Layout dropdown menu and select the new master slide. Once you click on the new master slide, it should apply its style to the new slide.

Color and Graphics
1. How do I change icon colors?
First, click on the icon you want to change. Then go to the Format tab and click on Fill. Lastly, choose which color you want your icon to be from the theme colors.

2. I want to crop to a specific shape. How do I do that with Template Shop? 
After you have selected the image you want to crop, click on the Format Picture tab, select Crop and then select Mask to Shape. Choose which shape you want to make.


Wondering what you can and can't do with this template? Please read our End-User License Agreement for a detailed list. Email with any questions.

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